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What do Stagers do?

This is something I think everyone wonders. I would consider myself multitalented with the ability to meet my clients' needs- whatever they may be. I have been called an Interior Designer, a Decorator, a Stylist - a little bit of everything. If I am honest, I prefer to be identified as a creator. However, the title isn't what is important, it is the work.

I do not use my style when staging homes for clients or when I am helping others with styling their home (unless they request it). I do not consider that helpful, it is an imposition. It is vital that I implement the style my client prefers and frankly, that is a simple task. I am there to enhance my client's space.

When making selections for a home, I make decisions based on the house and what the house needs. It may sound silly, but our most recent rehab property truly needed to be "lightened"- it was so burdened.

As you may have read in my bio I am a former educator and social worker so I am always considering the mind, energy, and feelings - even with my new work as a stager and creator. This is a necessary in my work, because all of those things translate into your home.

I hope after reading this post you understand a little of what I do, what your stager should do for you, what anyone you hire should do for you - help. I am a helper and my true desire is to help you.

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