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The Hardest Room in the House

Children's rooms are the most difficult rooms in the house to keep clean. However, with the appropriate staging and simple storage solutions your child's room can consistently become easier to manage.

Functionality is often a huge influence when I am decorating. It is important that items in your living space have a purpose so that you are benefiting and functioning at your best. Below you will find a photograph of my son's room.

Toys are a headache:)

The easiest way for us to keep his toys cleaned up, while allowing our son to take accountability in the cleaning process, is with a trunk. We use this "toy chest" in his room (seen on the right hand side of the bed) for decor and storage.

Also, he has a night stand that helps store things we need for bedtime... moisturizers, essential oils, and whatever else we may need for our bedtime routine.

Finally, a learning center was a necessity to me. At his small desk we complete homework or our own educational lessons. His adorable locker stores all of his pencils, puzzles, coloring books, workbooks, and crayons.

These simple items help me keep all of my little one's important tools in functioning order.

Desirable decor, functional, and most importantly, simple.

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