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Simple Self Motivation

If I haven't said it enough, I believe that sentiment is one of the most important contributions to the appreciation of beauty.

While the world is busy compacting days with tasks and taxing our minds, bodies and souls with things that simply do not pour back into ourselves, we should all make it a priority to enhance our lives with sentiment.

In our homes it is necessary to have simple reminders that help rejuvenate our home and our ourselves.

I am an educator, a Counselor, a High School Guidance Counselor. And though many consider education an easy profession because of the DESERVED holiday breaks, I know better. After heavy days at work full of tears and emotional students, faculty and families it is hard to be motivated to do much anything after arriving home.

Once I became a mother I found a new love for cooking and baking. Memories from my childhood of helping my grandmother in the kitchen flooded my heart. Looking back, I admire her gentleness, always making room in her heart to teach me with such patience.

Some days while prepping dinner (with her cutting board) I can still see my feet swinging on her counter top as she prepped for Sunday's dinner.

Of course, then I thought I was breaking all the rules. I thought I got to stay up late on a Saturday night and I was getting a free taste testing, but now I know she was creating some of our favorite memories.

Now, after my long days at work, I take pride in feeding my family, making sweet treats with my son, and finding joy in seeing my son's feet swing from the countertops just as mine once did. All while seeing this irreplaceable tribute to my grandmother in my kitchen.

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