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Sentiment can be Simple

This year has been a year of discovery. One common thread throughout this year's journey has been balance. I have found that it is important for my mind to have visuals throughout my home that keep me balanced both mentally and emotionally.

Pictured is a beautiful recipe book that will now hold my grandmother's recipes and some of my very own. Recipes that I will pass down to my daughter and she will pass down for generations to come.

I keep this sweet sugar bowl in my kitchen, it belonged to my great-grandmother. The flowers? I simply love flowers. Although the hydrangea pictured is not from my grandmother's hydrangea bush, the minute I see them on display in my home, I'm a little girl sneaking a sniff of the largest hydrangea blooms I've ever known to be before entering my grandmother's home.

When staging your home or adding decor to any space, remember sentiment can also be simple.

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