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Rehab Property

I am elated to share the before and after photographs of my project. This was not my first rehab property, but it has been one of the most gratifying. This home used to be filled with several little ones and I imagine it endured many “finger paint Fridays”. With a little love and a few upgrades I can finally mark this project complete. It not only looks different it feels different - light and serene.

This property was burdened. It had served its purpose for its previous owners and desperately needed rehabilitation. So, I did just that. It was my mission to help this house become anew and eventually feeling like a home. It needed light, it needed energy, it needed a lift - of all sorts.

I started with paint selections. Because this was my project I borrowed themes from my personal palette. I love neutrals and muted colors so I started there. Again, I needed this to feel good.

I started with the paint and fell in love with passive grey. It was grey, but on the lighter end of the spectrum, so it was still very easy to pair with. It was important to me that the grey I selected did not have blue undertones or harsh darkness. The trim is all pure white and the floors are winter oak- LOVED how the floors contrasted with the wall color. They were installed both upstairs and downstairs. The countertops were upgraded with granite, a bit of a splurge, but the "Miami White" granite was worth it; after all this is an investment. Plus as an added bonus the name makes me laugh. I finished with brushed nickel hardware and before I knew it I had a completed house, market ready, and waiting on their new owner.

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