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Functionality can be fashionable.

One important aspect when decorating your home is to make sure each room has a purpose, that it may function so it can serve its purpose. If you love to host, like myself, it is important that your bonus room or guest room can meet the need of your guest. If you love family dinners, wherever you break bread, you must find comfort not only in the food you share, but in the space you dine. If you have a new baby *me* you need to make sure you find order in the chaos of a new life in your space.

My daughter’s room was a joy to design. I could not wait to load her room with a palette full of rose and cream hues. I am guilty of mixing her metals just a tad. Mommy Mitas loves some gold, what can I say?

When I purchased her dresser, I was adamant about this being an investment piece, something she could grow into. I have had a child before and purchasing “nursery furniture” is not a wise investment. Baby’s grow quickly and before you know it they are toddlers with elephants on tiny dresser drawers filled with size 5t Spiderman clothes. I also knew Enin’s dresser would be a changing table, temporarily because you don’t change them on there for long ;)

Next, the sentiment, of course. You didn’t think I was going to let that go did you?

My grandmother had this beautiful rocking chair and did not want it any longer. In college I used it as a project piece, but never got rid of it because it was my Grammy’s. When I became pregnant with Tember I knew I wanted her rocking chair in his nursery. I decided that it would be an heirloom for my little family and each child would have that rocking chair in their nursery for generations to come.

Attached you will find pictures from my sweet girl's nursery. You will find sentiment in family heirlooms, fashion in her mixed metals, and functionality in specific items and their placement.

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